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“An ideal gift”

“Love these maps. Ours is framed in the hall and is always a talking point. Thoughtfully created, ticklingly funny and beautifully presented - an ideal gift!”


“I absolutely love this map!”

“I absolutely love this adventure map! I’m planning a few trips around the UK over the next few months and have found it inspirational and really handy for places to visit and explore.”


“Brilliant... and hilarious”

“Well worth buying especially if you have a good sense of humour!”

NEW Foodie Map of Britain!

In the few months since we’ve been asking you what we should map next (scroll down if you fancy giving us your opinion on that), you’ve been telling us loudly and clearly that you wanted a food and drink map of Britain. And now, here it is. Allow us to present the Delightfully Stuffed Great British Food & Drink Map

What Next?

As we expand our little range of maps celebrating Britain’s best bits, we’d love to hear what you think should come next. Tell us what topic you’d like to see researched to within inches of its life and turned into the next Marvellous Map…

Press Coverage

Astonishingly, our maps have received a fair bit of press coverage. Some of it has even been quite positive. Find out more here. For any and all press enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.